USA News does the same thing It is a Made up Covert World Now !

USA News does the same thing It is a Made up Covert World Now !

Personally I will be glad when this entire SHOW STOPS . The Show is old and out of Control and Obvious what is Going on.. CRIMINAL it is cause it kills and destroys and is deceitful..  USA many things that happen were made to occur and when you discover this for yourself.Your Eyes will be WIDE OPEN..

Prepare for the nauseated sickness that overwhelms. 

Busted in Egypt cant wait till Our News Makers get Outed as well.. !

 This reeks of the Radical  Community Organizers fingerprint that has plagued the globe via social media sense 0bama the 44 POTUS took office.. This is the Calling card of the tactics they use..G. Sorros ,Underground,MBH, CIA,Globalist, FBI games of war making.


Greste – along with his two other Al Jazeera English colleagues – was sentenced to seven years in jail after he was found guilty of fabricating footage to undermine Egypt’s political situation, aligning himself with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

The trio – including Canadian-Egyptian acting Cairo bureau chief Mohammed Fahmy and Egyptian producer Baher Mohammed – were arrested on December 29 after a raid on their Cairo hotel they were using as an office and denied the accusations, saying they were just doing their job.

The police crackdown on the protests has killed hundreds and put thousands more in prison.

The other defendants were mainly students, arrested separately, accused of providing the Al Jazeera journalists with footage along with a variety of other charges, including belonging to the Brotherhood.


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